Help! Intercourse is Painful

Help! Intercourse is Painful

It’s an unfortunate fact that sex can be painful for women, especially without proper care and foreplay. However, if you dread going to bed with your partner because of persistently painful intercourse, it might be time to consult with a specialist to determine exactly what’s causing your dyspareunia, and what you can do about it. 

At the office of Dr. Daniel Esteves in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Dr. Esteves helps women with pain during intercourse, whether it’s caused by symptoms that accompany menopause or some other issue. 

Common causes of painful intercourse 

Painful intercourse, known as dyspareunia, can happen to anyone. Many women experience it at some point in their lives, and there are many causes. Anxiety, lack of foreplay, and infections can all lead to pain during intercourse, but chronic dyspareunia can be caused by:  

Identifying the nature of your pain can help narrow down what’s causing it. Itching or burning caused by friction is a symptom of vaginal dryness, while a deep ache in your cervix often indicates a deeper problem. If you experience pain upon entry (including tampons), localized pain, or pain after orgasm, be sure to mention this during your consultation. 

Finding a solution 

Treatment for dyspareunia comes down to what’s causing your pain. Painful intercourse can be caused by hormonal problems, gynecological conditions, and even psychological stress. 

Dyspareunia after menopause can often be treated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which supplements your body with estrogen. Endometriosis, PID, and fibroids can be treated on a case-by-case basis, while conditions like vulvodynia and vaginismus might require further diagnosis. 

When it comes to matters of reproductive health, it’s important to have an OB/GYN that understands your medical history and takes your concerns seriously. If there isn’t a physical reason for your experiences of pain during intercourse, Dr. Esteves can work with you to find a professional who can help identify if there is a psychological reason you cannot enjoy sex. 

Dr. Esteves has been practicing for over 20 years and handles patients of all ages and backgrounds. If your dyspareunia cannot be treated directly at the clinic, he can put you in touch with a sex therapist or specialist who can. 

Struggling to enjoy your sex life due to painful intercourse? Schedule a consultation to begin exploring your options. To get in touch, call 770-676-5878 or request an appointment online

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