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Having the right care during your pregnancy helps ensure you and your baby stay healthy. OB/GYN Daniel Esteves, MD, offers expert prenatal care to mothers at his practice in Lawrenceville, Georgia. If you’re pregnant, call the office or book an appointment online to take care of your unborn baby in these first important months of life.

Prenatal Care Q&A

What is involved in prenatal care?

Getting the right care during pregnancy helps your baby start life as healthy as possible. Prenatal care ensures you get the proper care for optimal fetal growth and to catch any possible complications before they become serious.

As part of your prenatal care, Dr. Esteves advises you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, and he helps you understand what to expect as your pregnancy progresses through all three trimesters.

Does every pregnant woman need prenatal care?

Yes, every pregnant woman benefits from prenatal care, whether this is her first or fourth pregnancy. Regular weight and blood pressure checks, blood and urine tests, and fetal monitoring gives you peace of mind and makes sure you and your baby are doing well every step of the way.

You may have a condition, such as gestational diabetes, that can affect you or your baby during pregnancy and delivery. Such conditions don’t always have obvious symptoms in their initial stages, but when caught early at a prenatal visit, it’s easier to manage them and prevent them from escalating.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is any pregnancy in which the mother or baby are at a greater risk of experiencing complications. You may be deemed as high risk if:

  • You’re of advanced maternal age, defined as 35 or older
  • You’re pregnant with multiples
  • You’ve had problems in previous pregnancies
  • You have a chronic health condition, such as diabetes
  • You develop a pregnancy-related complication, such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia

Women who smoke or take drugs or who are underweight or overweight also may be deemed high risk during their pregnancies.

How does prenatal care change with a high-risk pregnancy?

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, Dr. Esteves schedules you for more frequent prenatal checks. You may also need additional screenings and more ultrasounds. Your exact care plan depends on the nature of your condition.

What should I expect at prenatal visits?

The first prenatal visit confirms your pregnancy and examines your overall health. Dr. Esteves also estimates your due date, and you undergo a pelvic exam and a Pap smear. He also explains any essential screening tests you’ll need as your pregnancy progresses.

Each prenatal visit includes a check of your weight, blood pressure, and the size of your abdomen. Ultrasounds will be scheduled at regular intervals, too.

If you suspect you’re pregnant, contact the office to begin your prenatal care. Call or book online today.